Call Disconnect Automatically In Android

Considering the widespread use of mobile phones, it’s only natural for calling to become one of the most common means of communication nowadays. Many owners of Android devices also make phone calls on a regular basis and they rarely have troubles with it. That being said, calling problems on Android still occur now and then which interrupt the line of communication between people. One prime example of such problems is when call disconnect automatically in Android without reason.

Tired of having to deal with the dropped calls on your Android phone but don’t know what to do? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you practically everything that you must keep in mind on how to address the issue of Android calls getting disconnected automatically.

A Guide To Getting Rid Of Dropped Calls 

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Different errors tend to require different fixes but when call disconnect automatically in Android, it’s a good idea to try out measures down below


Over the course of operation, Android devices would accumulate a wide range of inconsistencies that affect multiple functions including calling. In order to restore original performance, Android users simply need to turn their phones off and on a few times. It’s strongly recommended that you avoid rebooting your devices rapidly as that may compromise the structural integrity of hardware.

Remove And Remount SIM Cards

As SIM cards stay within phones, they seldom run into problems but in the case that something happens to them, the call function immediately suffers. Because of that, when call disconnect automatically in Android, it’s a good idea to remove and remount SIM cards. You should consider using the opportunity to clean the dust in the card slot, especially around the gold contact area. Since water and electronics don’t mix, stick to cloth while cleaning the card slot.

Give The Antenna A Look 

Both the SIM card as well as the card slot of your Android phone seem to be in good condition but your call keeps disconnecting? Then you must examine the antenna of the device and determine whether it’s damaged. From range to stability, the antenna dictates plenty of aspects of phone calls which is why antenna-related troubles usually lead to serious communication disruptions. Owing to the complexity of antenna repair/replacement, you need to bring your Android device to phone shops when you notice damages on its antenna.

Get To The High Grounds

In low places surrounded by hills, trees, buildings and so on, lots of “dead zones” (locations with no reception) exist. If you enter one of the “dead zones”, your phone calls would be continuously disconnected. Therefore, when your Android phone gets repeated dropped calls in certain spots, it’s wise to relocate to high grounds before trying to call again.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Calling On Android 

Could I answer calls without touching the screen? 

On a number of Android devices, especially Samsung phones, people could change the phone call setting to answer calls via voice, home key, volume buttons, … Android users could download applications developed by third parties to automatically answer incoming calls too.

What needs to be done to check call history on Android?

To see all the numbers you have dialed in the past, go to Phone, hit Recent and choose Call History. That would allow you to quickly retrieve the contacts of people that you have reached out on your Android device.

Is it possible to schedule calls?

Most phones that run on Android nowadays lack built-in settings to schedule phone calls. That is why Android users must rely on third-party apps such as Call Planner, Phone Schedule, Auto Call Scheduler, … Before installing a specific application, you should read a couple of user reviews on the app store to ensure that you make the right choice.

How may I record calls on my Android phone?

To record calls on Android, it’s necessary to have a compatible recording application installed. You could find plenty of recording apps optimized for different versions of Android on the app store so just select one that suits your phone.

5 ways to make your Android phone faster – Phandroid