SOLVED! - Bypass T-Mobile Hotspot Limit – 100% Worked!

Perhaps, you have been aware that T-Mobile offers unlimited-everything — unlimited talk, text, and data plan. Although it’s very exciting to get unlimited data without tiers of data caps, there’s just one thing that some users aren’t that happy about — mobile hotspot limit. Yes, you get data without limits, but when you use mobile tethering, it isn’t unlimited anymore. So, is there a way to bypass the T-Mobile hotspot limit? Yes, there is, and this article will present all the possible ways — in detail.

“Unlimited” Data Plan

Is there really a data plan without limits? The T-Mobile One plan gives you unlimited talk, text, and data. However, some users experience throttling, although this wasn’t happening in the previous versions of T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan. While the new plan doesn’t have a data cap as it’s “unlimited,” your data connection may slow down after exceeding a certain point. Fortunately, T-Mobile clarifies that this dilemma can happen only to some 3% of its users. In other words, you do get unlimited data from T-Mobile.

Now, as for mobile tethering, it depends on the area where you are. If your area doesn’t have access to a high-speed internet connection, you’ll get an unlimited 2G connection, which won’t give you anything. Getting a decent speed requires additional charges, but with a monthly cap of 5 or 10 GB only. Now, let’s try to put an end to any data limitation and just surf all you want.

Ways to Bypass T-Mobile Hotspot Limit

“Unlimited” data plan usually works on mobile data usage alone, but if you’re tethering, some limitations may apply. You can actually trick your service provider to see mobile tethering data as the data usage of the device, itself. Or, you can simply hide the mobile tethering activities so you won’t have any limitations, whatsoever.

Change APN Settings

Access Point Names (APNs) are used to connect your device to your network provider to establish an internet connection. In most cases, this is already set, but you can still make modifications to the settings to enhance your data connection. Doing changes in these settings will bypass mobile tethering restrictions.

Go to your phone’s Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names. From this point, different options will be displayed — all can be overridden by the users. Now, find the APN Type. Default value for the APN Type is ‘default,supl’, but you can add more to it. Adding ‘dun’ to it works like magic. But, if this won’t because your carrier won’t allow, you can add a few more steps.

Set dun=0, Computer Needed

If it’s okay with you to root your phone, then, go with this method. You need a PC and a USB cable for this. Download ADB and Fastboot installer on your computer. Ensure that USB Debugging is enabled on your mobile phone. Now, connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.

Go to the command prompt: Start, then type cmd. Once the Command prompt window is opened, you can type commands on it and make changes to your mobile device. Type adb shell and press Enter. Then, type settings put global tether_dun_required 0 and press Enter. These commands will enable mobile tethering on your device without any problem.


When you use a VPN, it’ll mask your data connection and any other important details of your mobile tethering activities. There are free VPNs, but getting a premium subscription is better. Private Internet Access (PIA) is among the most common VPN used today. VPN might slow your internet connection a bit, but it’ll definitely get you out of T-Mobile’s radar.

Get PDANet+

PDANet+ can be used without having your phone rooted but may have limitations. Aside from this, your plan and carrier (if you are using other service providers) may not allow you to tether or use this app, respectively. Install the app on your device and on your computer (or on the device you want to share data with). Then, open the app on your phone and check Activate USB Mode and Hide Tether Usage. Now, connect your phone to your computer and you can access the internet without limits.

These seem more like hacks rather than ethical methods to get around T-Mobile’s mobile tethering limitations. You should use this with reservations — don’t become ‘Network Abusers’ or T-Mobile will definitely chase after you. If you need more data cap for mobile tethering, you can upgrade your data plan or contact T-Mobile for some special arrangements.

The Final Say

Mobile tethering has been the new norm in recent days. You have the freedom to share your internet connection without the need for a physical modem and router. Accessing the internet on your mobile, as well as sharing it with your laptop and other devices is very convenient.

Although T-Mobile is giving unlimited data access to its subscribers, mobile tethering still has limits. So, we presented ways to bypass the mobile hotspot limit in this article. Just remember, these workarounds could violate the terms of your T-Mobile subscription if abused. So, use these hacks only when necessary and don’t exploit them.


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