Bluetooth Turns on By Itself — Android Mobile Problem

Are you troubled by Bluetooth turns on by itself on Android mobile? You are not alone because there are a lot of Android users out there who suffered this problem, as well. Through this article, you’ll know why Bluetooth is behaving that way and the ways to get rid of it — forever.

Why Bluetooth turns on by Itself — Android mobile?

More often than not, Bluetooth is always turned off. Not because you’re afraid that Bluetooth will drain your battery faster, because it won’t, but because it’s safer. And, when you need to share/receive files, Bluetooth is a good way to do it. Likewise, if you need to connect to wireless speakers or headphones, using Bluetooth is very convenient. Of course, after you are done using Bluetooth, it’s a given that you turn it off. You can enable or disable Bluetooth by tapping the icon in the Quick settings dropdown or from the phone’s setting.

Bluetooth should be deactivated when it’s turned off and it’ll only activate once you manually tap it or turn it on. So, if Bluetooth turns on all by itself, something must be off with your device. You might be thinking that your phone has been infected by some virus or something. But, in reality, it’s just because of your Settings.

There are two reasons why Bluetooth seems to have a mind of his own and just turns on by itself. First is Bluetooth scanning and the second is the permission given to apps that use Bluetooth connectivity.

When you enable Bluetooth scanning it’ll turn on by itself and keeps scanning to establish a better connection. You can see this by going to the Settings>Location>Improve Accuracy. Then, you can see Wi-Fi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning.

If Bluetooth scanning is disabled, but Bluetooth persists to turn on even you turn it off, it could be that one of the apps is doing so. Certain apps need a Bluetooth connection when they are running in the background. So, even if you turn off the Bluetooth connection, these apps will change the system settings and turn Bluetooth on.

Ways to Stop Bluetooth Turning on By Itself

Android mobile phones offer so many things on their Settings. Among which are the location settings and Permissions for installed and stock apps.

Disable Bluetooth Scanning

To improve accuracy of the location your device gives you, Bluetooth scanning is necessary. Yet, it could also be the cause that Bluetooth will just turn on by itself. To disable scanning, simply go to your phone’s Settings. Then, find Location>Improve Accuracy>Disable Bluetooth Scanning. You can also turn off Wi-Fi scanning in case you want to minimize battery usage.

Disallow Apps

As you know, there are so many apps that need to access Bluetooth connection. Or, not necessarily Bluetooth, but it can make changes in the system settings. Just in case you have already disabled Bluetooth scanning, but still haunted by the problem, check app permissions.

You may go to your Setting>Apps. Go to the culprit app and go to Advanced setting. Now, check Apps that can change system settings. Then, turn off Allow permission. In this way, you revoke the permission of that app to change system settings. If this could be a problem, then, this issue should be solved.

If you don’t know which app causes the problem, try to recall the latest app you installed before the problem occurs. Select that app and follow the steps above. Do this for all apps you think are suspicious.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes, it only needs a quick system refresh for things to work normally. So, how about restarting your phone? Or, you can turn it off for a few seconds and then, turn it on again.

These should do the trick unless it’s a major problem with Bluetooth or your device. Almost all users who have problems with Bluetooth connectivity find relief with the above-mentioned solutions. If you still encounter the error after following the steps above, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

The Final Say

Bluetooth is a good way to connect with other mobile phones or other smart devices. Whether to transfer files, connect to headphones, to your car or other things, Bluetooth is indeed very convenient. It’s not cumbersome to turn on/off because a single tap on the Bluetooth icon in the Quick setting dropdown will do the trick. But what’s annoying is, when Bluetooth turns on by itself.

Android mobile has tons of Settings you can change. Among them is on the location accuracy and app permissions — both could access Bluetooth connection. Disabling Bluetooth scanning could be a solution to this problem. However, if this setting is already turned on, check if you permitted apps to make changes to your system settings. Apps like ShareIt, Android Auto, and the like could be permitted to activate Bluetooth. Finally, for changes to take effect, give a quick restart to your device. These steps should clear your head from this problem.

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