Best Mobile Phone Provider Companies in 2021

Choosing the best mobile phone provider is not just based on the monthly cost. There are several factors that should be considered.

Cost is certainly a major consideration for most of the customers but it goes beyond the cost. Most of the mobile service providers differ from each other based on service quality, plan perks, and the choice of plans that they offer.

Moreover, the current circumstances have shifted the focus towards 5G which is playing an important role during a customer’s buying decision and service provider choice.

Top Mobile Service Providers in the US

Based on our criteria, here are the mobile service providers that don’t just offer great services but also offer great prices and service perks for their customers. These names include;

  • Charter

You must have heard the name Charter or Charter Spectrum, especially in the context of high-speed internet and cable TV services.

Well now, Charter also offers mobile phone services for its customer at affordable prices and great service quality.

It is operating as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that uses Verizon’s mobile network to deliver services to its customers. Meanwhile, the prices being offered for the unlimited data plans are way better than Verizon.

That makes it a great choice if you are looking to save money while enjoying the great services and availability offered by Verizon’s network.

On top of that, Charter phone customers have the option to choose between an unlimited data plan that starts from $45 per month for every line or combine different lines to pay by every Gig of data they use which costs $14 per Gig.

Customers also get unlimited local & long-distance calling and texting without any additional charge.

The only downside of these services would be that you must have Charter internet services to be eligible for mobile.

  • Xfinity

Xfinity is another great option when it comes to mobile services which operates just like Charter.

To offer its customers some additional value and to keep up with the competition, Xfinity offers great services at very economical prices. Moreover, it is also an MVNO which only offers services to current Xfinity customers.

As for plans, there are two options available for customers. They can either go for unlimited data which also offers unlimited texting and calling or can choose to pay by the amount of data they use every month.

The price per line for an unlimited data plan starts at $45 per month with an option to switch to the Gig plan anytime the customer wants to. Similarly, the Gig plan starts at $15 per Gig and customers only pay for the data they have used.

There is also the option of sharing data among several lines and you can buy that data at $60 per 10 GB.

  • T-Mobile

If you are not a Charter or Xfinity customer and want to get mobile services for yourself and your family, T-Mobile is the best option you can go for.

It offers good service quality at affordable prices. Moreover, you will get monthly discounts on the prices based on the number of lines you choose.

For instance, if you opt for 5 lines, your unlimited plan will only cost you $40 per line. However, the price will be more if you are looking to get 1 or 2 lines.

Other benefits that customers get by signing up for an unlimited plan are the free Netflix subscription along with access to mobile hotspots.

In case you are not interested in the unlimited plan, there are options to choose between 50 GB per month data limit or 100 GB per month. These plans cost lower than the unlimited but don’t offer the same perks.

As a recommendation, T-Mobile is a better option if you are looking for mobile services for your whole family, not just one line. If you opt for only 1 line, the same unlimited plan will cost you $85 per month.

  • AT&T

AT&T is another good option for mobile services that offer great coverage and various data plans to choose from.

For starters, customers can choose between different unlimited data plans or opt for the 4 GB data plan.

These unlimited plans differ based on premium data where the speeds are slowed down during rush hours if you have used your monthly premium data.

So, customers pay additional to go for plans that offer more premium data and to avoid throttling.

Moreover, the plan prices depend upon the number of lines you choose. If you go for more lines, you can save more. Otherwise, the same plan would be costing you double.

For instance, if you opt for 1 line, AT&T unlimited starter costs you $65 per month. However, if the number of lines jumps to 5, the same plan will cost you $30 a month.

Final Verdict

Among all the mobile service providers, MVNO’s such as Charter and Xfinity have the lead in terms of plan prices and perks. However, the disadvantage is that you have to be a current internet customer for the respective company.

On the other hand, T-Mobile and AT&T costs are great if you are looking for mobile services for the family but are going to cost an arm & leg if you need only 1 line.

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