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This is something unfamiliar to some. But, for those who are into game development, this is a common issue. It’s terrifying to be notified, ‘Because you are not a member of this project…’ — Unity’s most confusing message. Especially if you’re a member of Unity and you have been working smoothly for a while, receiving such notice is devastating. This will be thoroughly discussed here — the reason and the quick fix.

What is this Message All About?

If you’re wondering what this message or notification is all about and whether it affects you, the straight answer is it depends. If you’re using Unity, this concerns you, and you should be aware of it. Likewise, if you’re a video game developer and you’re eyeing for a great engine, Unity is a great choice — and this is something you should know about.

Unity is more than just an engine that allows you to create two-dimensional, three-dimensional, virtual reality, and other augmented video games and simulations. Though it’s primarily launched in 2005 to create video games, now, it dominates the virtual reality industry.

In 2018, it supports 25+ platforms. It’s then used to create around 50% of the mobile games and 60% of the virtual reality and augmented reality content. Around 90% of the content of augmented reality platforms like Microsoft HoloLens and the same percentage in Samsung Gear VR content is created using Unity.

So, for the message? Not, all Unity users get to be annoyed by this message. The following section will briefly describe how simple this problem is and how to get rid of this forever.

Why You Receive Such Message?

“Because you are not a member of this project this build will not access Unity services.”

If you’ve been working on Unity and you have been a member of a project, receiving such prompt seems alarming. However, you shouldn’t panic because this is just a very minor issue. There are a few reasons why you get such prompt:

  • Bad/Slow internet connection — If your internet connection is unstable, this a great possibility that the Unity client will never be connected to the Services, hence, the message. Even if you have the right account, but the program can’t connect to the server,  you won’t be recognized as a member of that project.
  • Accessing the project with an incorrect account — If you have more than one account — work and personal accounts, for example — it’s very understandable that you’ll be prompted with such a message. It’s always necessary to pay attention to what account you’re using for that particular project to avoid confusion.
  • Not included in the members — Of course, if you are not included as a member of a particular project, you should get such a message. Once you include yourself as a member of that project, this message will eventually disappear.

These are the most common reasons why Unity Services will prompt you such notification. If you don’t want to get this message, you must ensure a correct account and a stable internet connection. Yet, at some point, it’s inevitable to encounter problems and warnings like this. So, it’s important to know what you must do when you read such a prompt.

What to Do When You Get the Message?

Reading the message seems threatening, but It’s not something to be worried about. You might, however, not be able to access the project temporarily. Yet, it won’t take long to get around this issue.

The most common quick fix to this is restarting the Unity. This will help refresh the program and could possibly establish a connection with Services. If the connection is okay, then, it could be a problem of an incorrect account being used. The message should eventually be gone if the Unity client is already connected to the Services.

If you don’t want to restart the program, you can actually get around with a few simple steps. Go to Windows>Services. Alternatively, you can also press CTRL+0 (zero) to get to the windows on the error and an explanation that you are not connected to the services. With just one hit of the help button on that window, you are easily be connected.

However, if you aren’t a member of the project, yet, you can add yourself or have someone add you as a member so you can access it. Always see to it that you have the right access to avoid confusion and possible problem to your Unity projects.

Is it Possible Not to Receive the Message?

Yes, it could be possible if you are signed in using the account associated with the project and you have a stable internet connection. Yet, you don’t have full control of the internet connection, and people easily interchange access and accounts. However, you must know that even though it’s not something you could get rid of forever with one press of a button, it’s not the real problem.

The Final Say

For game developers and virtual reality creators, Unity has been overused. You can tell by just looking at the numbers mentioned above. However, at some point, you’ll be prompted with this notification: ‘Because you are not a member of this project…’

Unity is a great platform that lets you harness the creative side of you. It allows you to easily develop games and other social media content. So, if you’re a frequent user of Unity, in one event or the other you have run into this prompt, having to read such a message is devastating.

The good news is, it’s not fatal. It only occurs if you have a bad internet connection, the incorrect account used to access, and if you aren’t a member of that specific project. A quick restart of your computer can do the trick.

Or, if you still encounter the problem after Restart, then, it could be that you don’t have the right account or you aren’t a member of the project. The solution to this issue is very straightforward and doesn’t need too much thinking.

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