SOLVED! Why do My Beats Studio Keep Disconnecting

All in all, Beats Studio wireless disconnecting is caused by headphone bugs and the best solution to power-cycle of the headphones. Besides that, you may want to check out  Bluetooth range, reset the Bluetooth connectivity, etc. Depending on the situation, you could restore the performance of Beats Studio by updating its firmware. Read to the end and learn how to carry out the solutions on your own.

Beats Studio Wireless

These wireless over-ear headphones feature Apple W1 chip for Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery. With Bluetooth 4.0, you can easily connect the headphones to iOS and Android devices. You can wirelessly scan through your playlists, answer calls and activate Siri on your iOS device or the voice command feature of the device you’re using.

Background of the Issue

Beats Studio products are the best when it comes to quality, both with the hardware and the technology used to give you the best experience. This means, once you have a Beats Studio, you shouldn’t have any problem unless it’s a software or firmware issue.

Beats Studio can connect to any device, you can play songs, take/end calls, and more. However, for some reason, when you skip songs, you’ll eventually be disconnected. Although you can just simply re-establish the connection, this could be annoying if it’ll disconnect every time you skip from one song to the next.

Most users found out about this after the iOS 9.2 update. Of course, iPhones that are already running on the software definitely have the problem. If you have contacted Apple Support or have gone to Apple Store, they are quick to replace it. However, no matter how many replacements you’ll get, it won’t solve the problem, because it’s in the software.

Beats Studio Wireless Disconnecting — Solved!

While Apple will only give you a replacement, this article will help you fix the problem forever. It’s a connectivity problem caused by a software issue. The next part will guide you in the process of updating the Beats Studio software. But, before jumping into the software update, you can do the common troubleshooting process, first.

Make a Quick Power Cycle of the Headphones

It’s important to give the headphones a quick break after some time. Turn your wireless headphones off and let it re-establish its connection. This is a quicker way to refresh the Bluetooth connection. Simply press the power button to turn off the headphones. Wait for around 10 seconds before turning it on again. You should be able to get a more stable connection after restarting the headphones.

Check Bluetooth Range

If this problem persists, perhaps, you haven’t considered the Bluetooth range. Though wireless connection is very convenient, do keep in mind that it has limits. In general, Bluetooth connection is still reliable within 10 feet. Some high-powered devices can go as far as 30 feet. Try moving the headphones closer to your device. If it still disconnects while skipping a song, it could be a serious problem. If not, just bear in mind that the distance between the wireless headphones and your phone is limited.

Update Beats Studio Firmware

Update the firmware of the headphones by heading to the Beats by Dre website (). Download the updater and install it on your computer/Mac by simply following the instructions. Now, connect your Beats to your computer via the USB cable that comes along with it. Do not unplug the headphones while the update is still in process. Actually, the process is pretty straightforward, and you now have your wireless headsets updated. The duration depends on your internet connection, but it should only take a few minutes.

Reset Bluetooth Connectivity

Once the firmware of your wireless headphones has been updated, there’s still one more step that you need to take. Reset the connection between your phone and your Beats Studio wireless. Disconnecting your headphones and re-establishing the pairing will refresh the connection.

Go to Settings>Bluetooth. Under My Device section check for the Beats Studio Wireless. Tap on it and select Forget this Device. Then, just repeat the process when you connect the wireless headphones to your device. Through the update and connection reset, you should now establish a more reliable pairing between your headphones and your device.

The Final Say

In this fast-paced world where everything seems to be moving at the speed of light, it’s crucial to keep up. One thing that will help you maximize your productivity and effectiveness is using wireless headphones. Beats Studio wireless is among the choice of the many. It’s an over-ear headphone with tons of controls for streamlined wireless music streaming.

Yet, one downside of this is, Beats Studio wireless disconnecting once you make skips on your playlist. It’s an issue that even Apple hasn’t figured out, but it’s only a firmware issue. Just download the firmware update and install it. Updating the software of your Beats Studio will definitely solve the connection issues of the great Beats Studio wireless headphones.