Make a Popsocket Stick to a Silicone Phone Case

How to make a Popsocket stick to a silicone phone case is a topic that catches the interest of many Android users nowadays. The process is no-nonsense: pull back the liner that covers the adhesive part of the Popsocket, apply the adhesive (sticky) part on the back of the silicone phone case and mount it. … Read more

Speakers too Loud at Lowest Volume on Android

The environment around any smartphone user can be subjected to their device in terms of device volume. Therefore, Android users must learn to control the volume of their devices. Speakers too Loud at lowest volume? This article discusses the cause of the error and how you can correct the situation Android Devices and their Speaker … Read more

4K Option Not Showing On YouTube: What You Must Know

About 4K option not showing on Youtube, lack of support is the number one suspect and you should take a look at the screen specs of your device. Depending on the situation, it’s wise to disable the power-saving mode, change web browser, etc. Continue reading to be able to play videos in the resolution you … Read more

Recover Deleted Bookmarks Chrome Android

Trying to figure out how to restore Android browser bookmarks after clearing them mistakenly? It happens to the best of us, and we have come up with a fix. Upon purchasing a mobile device running the Android operating system, you are sure to find pre-installed applications and browsers. The generic browser found on android devices … Read more

How To Italicize On Android: Guidelines

Once it comes to the presentation of texts, different Android users often have different preferences but there would always be times that formatting is necessary. But since not all owners of Android devices happen to be tech-savvies, questions about formatting texts and associated issues surface from time to time. As italicize is one of three … Read more

Swipe Lock Screen Disabled By Administrator

Regarding lock screen, it’s all about taste and style but a lot of owners of Android devices opt to use the swipe lock screen. On Android, it’s possible to change between lock screen types at any time and the changing process proceeds smoothly in most cases as well. That being said, now and then, an … Read more

How to Get Out Of HTC Download Mode-Locked

The HTC download mode when entered, lets you install custom files on your device by unlocking the bootloader. When flushed, these custom files can customize your phone to a great extent. Sometimes, your HTC phone gets stuck in the download mode.  There is an easy way to exit the download mode. You only have to … Read more