How To Underline Text On Android

All things considered, the keypad of Android is simple to use so people could easily create and send text messages. That being said, on a couple of occasions, Android users still experience troublesome issues regarding the presentation of the texts. Among the questions surrounding texting on Android, many happen to have the same topic: how … Read more

How to Connect Belkin Keyboard to Samsung Tablet

Belkin manufacturer keyboards for home and business use. More so, these keyboards are usually multipurpose and highly functional. Apart from that, it helps you to type faster. Especially in your emails, word processing, and messaging. The keyboard works as soon as you pair it with your Samsung tablet via Bluetooth connection. Follow the steps below … Read more

Android Spinner Text Size – Two Ways to Customize

In Android development, there is what we call a Spinner. Android Spinners allow you to display several options from which one value can be selected by the user. You can customize the values — change the text size and color. However, some beginners may find it hard to change Android Spinner text size. Although there … Read more

Samsung Private Mode Forgot Password

For most owners of Samsung phones that don’t like others to see what they keep on their devices, Private Mode is a fantastic feature. Using Private Mode, people could hide pictures, clips, recordings, …from prying eyes with relative ease. In order to access contents hidden by Private Mode, Samsung users must enter a password that … Read more

KingoRoot Keeps Rebooting: Analyses

The Android community nowadays is at odds about the best rooting tool but regarding convenience, most agree that KingoRoot is one of the leading names. Featuring a combination of straightforward setup process and user-friendly interface, KingoRoot allows Android users to root their phones in a blink of an eye. However, like any other rooting tool, … Read more

Error While Installing Apk Android Studio

When running the application in Android Studio, you may get trouble in dealing with the error “Unknown Failure: Error while installing apks”. How annoying it is! right? However, take it easy by reading the on-screen instructions shown below. But before getting started with guidance on how to fix Error While Installing Apk Android Studio, we need to … Read more