How to Record iHeartRadio On Android

A band comprising 850 local U.S radio stations from iHeartMedia and other media is called the iHeartRadio. Created for music and radio lovers, you can stream the live radio from the web or download the app. An android phone with a stable internet connection is all that is required. You can now take your radio … Read more

Weak Battery Charging Samsung: Approaches

To most Samsung users, running out of battery at crucial moments is annoying without question. That being said, if people rush to recharge their phones and the “weak charging detected” warning appears, things seriously take a turn for the worse. For your information, when you receive that warning on your Samsung device, it means that … Read more

7 Tips for Choosing and Implementing a WMS

Are you looking for a new WMS (warehouse management system) for your warehouse or distribution center? Kudos! It means that your business is growing and expanding. The WMS solution is the best option for your supply chain as it helps adapt to the rapid changes in consumer needs. Typically, the warehouse management software comes with … Read more

This Device Is Not Optimized for Casting

If you keep getting the message about “this device is not optimized for casting,” the casting application is acting up. As a result, you determine whether Google Home supports your device. Moreover, it’s wise to uninstall and reinstall the app, update the app, restart your device and so on. Last but not least, change casting … Read more