How To Move An App Out Of A Folder On Android

The folder is an important feature in every operating system. It allows you to store data or manage apps. On Android phones, you may have numerous apps. It won’t be easy to access an app on your home screen. The best option is for you to arrange the apps in a folder. Apps can be … Read more

What Is Call Connect Tone?

Also called, call progress tones, are sounds that indicate the status of a telephone call to the user.  When a call is about to connect, you hear a ring-back tone. The tones can mean various things. You get to hear 3 beep sounds when your call is about to connect. This is a common occurrence … Read more

How to Record iHeartRadio On Android

A band comprising 850 local U.S radio stations from iHeartMedia and other media is called the iHeartRadio. Created for music and radio lovers, you can stream the live radio from the web or download the app. An android phone with a stable internet connection is all that is required. You can now take your radio … Read more

Apps Won’t Run Unless You Update Google Play Services

Regarding “Apps won’t run unless you update Google Play Services”,  it’s highly likely that your phone is glitching out and restart is the best solution. Besides that, it’s wise to clear cached data, disable/enable Google Play Services and so on. Read to the end to learn what must be done to get rid of the … Read more

How To Turn Off Battery Fully Charged Notification

In many mobile devices, visual and audio notifications would be sent out as the battery reaches max capacity following recharges. For people that use phones on a regular basis and like to know when recharges conclude, such notifications prove handy. That being said, the battery full notification may also annoy particular owners of mobile devices, … Read more

Samsung/Android Screen Timeout Keeps Resetting: What You Must Try Out

As screen timeout affects battery life and user experience, it’s one of the most customized settings on Android devices. Normally, Android users could change the screen timeout of their devices between 15 seconds and 30 minutes. Nevertheless, people sometimes report a rather odd error: no matter how many times it’s changed, Android screen timeout keeps … Read more

Lg Move Apps To Sd Card – Quick Guide

Where your phone storage is full, you just have to move your apps to the SD card. But what happens when the “Move to SD Card” button is greyed out? That means you won’t be able to move apps from the internal storage to your SD Card. Several factors could be the reason you can’t … Read more

How Play WAV Files on Android Every Time?

How to play WAV files on Android every time is a topic that attracts the attention of many Android users, novices and veterans alike. Usually, you only need a music player that supports WAV to play WAV files. Also, you should keep the player up-to-date to get the most out of it. In a pinch, … Read more

We Cannot Verify This Phone Number, Snapchat

Regarding Snapchat “we cannot verify this phone number”, there could be suspicious activity going on in the background and you should log in to your account then apply changes to the settings. You don’t know how to carry out the solutions on your own? In that case, you have come to the right place. How … Read more