Turn Off Link Sharing On Samsung

Nowadays, once it comes to sharing big files on devices made by Samsung, Link Sharing is the app of choice for a lot of people. Using Link Sharing, you could upload large-sized pictures, videos and more to Samsung Cloud, create links for them then send the links to others. That being said, Link Sharing is … Read more

Gboard gif not working on Android

Gboard GIF not working Android is usually the result of hiccups and the best solution is to restart the device. Aside From that, you could consider uninstalling and reinstalling Gboard, clearing cache, updating the Gboard, switching to another keyboard, performing a factory reset, etc. Continue reading to get Gboard back to working order. Gboard Keyboard … Read more

Unfortunately, Android Keyboard AOSP Has Stopped

Compared to other functions and features on the Android operating system, the keyboard runs smoothly and the number of issues related to it is low. That being said, when the keyboard acts up, Android users tend to have a rather hard time using their devices. Therefore, the “Unfortunately, Android keyboard AOSP has stopped” error message … Read more

This Type Of File Can Harm Your Device Android

If you see the aforementioned anytime you try side-loading an APK file, don’t be confused. Your browser is only trying to let you know that the file is not from a trusted source and can harm your device. This is because the app is not gotten from the Google Play store, but packaged in a … Read more

Screen Turns Off When Watching Video Android

This article explains what to do when Screen Turns Off When Watching Video on Android Introduction Android is an open source project, which means that when it is rolled out to different mobile device companies, it is tweaked for better optimization and user interfaces. Therefore, you see massive differences in android phones made by companies such … Read more

What You Need to Know About CB Access Key Header is Required

Only a few android users are able to know what the term “CB access key header is required” means. This article dives into what surrounds the term and the proper solution WHAT ARE COINBASE AND GDAX? If you are quite accustomed to the world of digital and cryptocurrencies, there’s no doubt that you’ll have come … Read more

Google Account Action Required Notification Won’t Go Away

In the case that Google “Account Action Required” notification won’t go away by itself, corrupted cached data is usually at fault and to fix that, you should clear the cache. Also, you may want to switch off Google Account notifications. Spare some time to take a look at this article and dismiss the notification for … Read more

Android Volume Suddenly Low: Analyses

  Various factors affect the audio performance of today’s Android devices but volume is one of the most influential ones. When volume acts up, Android users inevitably experience trouble modifying the audio settings of their phones as they see fit. Among reports of issues surrounding volume of devices that run on Android, Android volume suddenly … Read more

Can I Install TWRP over CWM?

An analogue of the ClockworkMod (CWM) is the TeamWin Recovery (TWRP). The TWRP has a more spontaneous touch-interface and extra features. Most devices install CWM or TWRP in place of stock recovery. Yes, you can install TWRP over CWM. All you need to do is visit https://twrp.me/Devices/  to download the current version for your smartphone … Read more

Unfortunately, System UI Has Stopped – Don’t Panic, Understand It

There’s no perfect system – there are no apps nor operating system devoid of errors. Due to unforeseen scenarios of incompatibilities, incomplete packages, and interrupted processes, you may end up getting some errors. Especially on Android mobiles, in one situation or the other, you’ve encountered, ‘Unfortunately, System UI has stopped.’ Though it’ll not render your … Read more