SOLVED! - Samsung/Android Screen Timeout Keeps Resetting: What You Must Try Out

As screen timeout affects battery life and user experience, it’s one of the most customized settings on Android devices. Normally, Android users could change the screen timeout of their devices between 15 seconds and 30 minutes. Nevertheless, people sometimes report a rather odd error: no matter how many times it’s changed, Android screen timeout keeps resetting to 30 seconds every day. While being unable to apply lasting changes to the screen timeout is not exactly the end of the world, it still causes lots of inconveniences.

Very frustrated by the fact that you fail to change the screen timeout setting of your phone to your liking? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you virtually everything that needs to be done to change screen timeout on Android for good.

How To Keep Screen Timeout From Resetting

Hiccups on Android could be caused by an assortment of issues but regarding the constant reset of screen timeout, the primary suspect is Device care. In case you don’t know, Device care is an inbuilt optimization app that lets people tweak various aspects of their phones for enhanced operation. Owing to the way it works, Device care could undo changes that people make to certain settings including screen timeout. Because of that, when Android screen timeout keeps resetting to 30 seconds every day, it’s a good idea to take a look at Device care.

Overall, to change the screen timeout of your Android phone and stop it from resetting every day, you should go through these steps

  • Step 1: Go to Setting and select Device care.
  • Step 2: Choose Battery and tap the three-dot icon
  • Step 3: Look for Optimise settings and hit it
  • Step 4: Toggle the switch next to Screen timeout to disable it.
  • Step 5: Back out to Settings, select Display and choose Screen timeout. Now you should be able to change the screen timeout setting of your device as you like.

Keeping Device Awake For Extended Periods Of Time: Suggestions

Since it’s almost impossible to outright disable screen timeout, devices usually have to go to sleep at some point. However, if you wish to keep your Android phone awake for extended periods of time, consider the methods down below

Enable Developer options

All devices that run on the Android operating system nowadays come with Developer options that allow people to test out previously hidden features and functions. To enable Developer options, you need to go to Settings, select About phone and tap Build Number seven times. A visual alert is going to show up at the end to tell you that you have access to Developer options. Head back to Settings, tap Developer options and tick the box right beside Stay awake to disable screen timeout while your phone is being charged.

Toggle Smart Stay

If your Android phone happens to be a Samsung model, there is a good chance that it possesses Smart Stay which is a fantastic feature. When Smart Stay is turned on, your device should stay on as long as its front camera notices your face. To enable Smart Stay, you have to enter Settings, tap Advanced features, choose Motions and gestures then swipe the switch located next to Smart Stay. Afterward, keep your face visible to the front camera of your phone and its screen timeout would be rendered inactive.

Download third-party applications

Owners of Android devices don’t have the option of disabling screen timeout at will but certain apps developed by third parties could do that. If you like to toggle the screen timeout setting of your phone with a couple of taps, you should install a purpose-design app immediately. Most applications designed for activation/ deactivation of screen timeout take just a bit of space and pack user-friendly interfaces.