Android Screen Stays On When Charging

Your android screen staying on when charging is a common problem. I can bet you are not the only one on it.

The screen stays on and refuses to off unless you do so manually. This problem can occur during charging or when a notification pops up on your screen. A notification may pop up and you are not around to turn it off manually. Imagine your android screen staying on, all through the night. Doesn’t seem nice right? I know.

Just by going further in this article, you will find the reasons for this problem. Not to forget some tested and trusted solutions, you can use to fix it.

Reasons Why Your Android Screen Stays On When Charging

A few causes of this problem have been discussed below. So you can easily detect the one that applies to your situation. You can’t solve a problem without knowing what it causes, right?

  • “Stay awake” is on: The stay awake is a feature on the developer options. When turned on, it doesn’t allow your screen to turn off.
  • Disabled developer option: For most new Android phones, their developer option is not enabled. This causes the android screen not to sleep without being turned off manually. 
  • Android screen timeout not working: Your android phone may ignore your screen timeout setting. This problem is caused by third-party apps on your Android phone. As a result of this, the screen will not turn off, even after setting the screen timeout.
  • Charging malfunction: Another cause of this problem, is a charging port or charger that is faulty. This is likely to stop your android screen from sleeping when charging.

Now you know the major causes of this problem. The next step is how to solve them efficiently in an easy way.

Turn Off “Stay Awake”

  • Step 1: Go to settings and click on developer options

  • Step 2: You will find the “stay awake” feature. Make sure you turn it off.

If you can’t find the developer options, that means it is not enabled. Make sure you enable it first.

Enable “Developer Options”

  • Step 1: Go to the settings app on your phone
  • Step 2: Click the “About phone” option

  • Step 3: It will lead you to a series of options. Tap the “build number” option 7-8 times

The “developer options” will automatically appear.

If after trying these solutions and you are still having this problem, there is a way out. This happens in most cases where a third-party app, is causing your phone to ignore the screen timeout setting.

  • Step 1: Put your phone on “safe mode” and see if the problems persist. If it doesn’t, it means a third-party app is responsible for the problem.
  • Step 2: Uninstall all third-party apps. Mind you, third party apps are non-system applications. There are mainly apps that you have installed from known or unknown sources.
  • Step 3: Reinstall the known and trusted apps. In the future, make sure you only install apps that you are sure of their source.

How To Set The Screen Timeout

If you are having difficulty with the time your screen stays on or off. Then this part of the article is for you. Why not customize the timeout of your screen? This is how to do it.

  • Step 1: Go to the settings app on your Android phone.
  • Step 2: Click on the “display” option. In some android phones, this option is spelt as “ambient display”.
  • Step 3: Click on the “Sleep” or “Screen timeout” option.
  • Step 4: choose the preferred time you want your screen to turn off when not in use. This time can range from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

If you have done all those mentioned above, I can bet you don’t have an issue with this again.

Is It Safe To Always Keep An Android Screen On?

Always keeping your android phone on, does come with some challenges. It may cause screen burn-in and also decrease your battery life. Screen burn-in doesn’t mean an actual burn, but a permanent discoloration on your screen. This discoloration can be noticed even when the display of your phone is on. All this will happen unless your phone has an AOD feature. An Always On Display feature will help you to keep your screen on always without problems. Though it may still decrease your phone’s battery percent, it can be worth a try.


The screen is a vital part of an android phone. If your screen is always on, it can cause a lot of problems for you. The reason for your screen’s refusal to turn off and how to solve them is the main purpose of this article. We hope you have defeated this problem and will take extra care to avoid such in the future.










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