SOLVED! - Android Keyboard Keeps Closing

The keyboard is an essential part of any operating system, and for Android, they have intricate use in major activities daily. However, a common problem experienced by many android users is that the Android keyboard keeps closing. This article talks about the reason for the closing and the steps you can take to stop your android keyboard from closing.

Android Keyboard

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The Android keyboard is essential. It is a very important tool in sending messages and other primary functions on your device. Android keyboards like some applications like Google Play store are preinstalled on the android device.

However, because android being is an open sourced project (AOSP), many applications can be used as a substitute for the Android keyboard. Examples of such Keyboards are the Gboard, Grammarly Keyboard, SwiftKey keyboard, TouchPal Keyboard, among many others. All these keyboards mentioned can be subjected to the problem discussed above.

While using the android keyboard, some users have experienced a rise in the Android keyboard closing. This action as lead to many questions been asked on android communities on the internet looking for the solution to such why their android keyboard keeps closing.

Android Keyboard Keeps Closing: Causes

It is annoying when due and operation, your keyboard suddenly closes. The causes of your application can be due to many things that will be discussed in this article.

  • The Application: If you are using a third-party application as your keyboard, the error might be due to problems in the running process of the keyboard.
  • Cache: Caches are the way many applications on Android keep up with their users while offering exceptional users experience. Accumulation of cache while providing top-notch users experience can also cause your android keyboard to keep closing
  • Killing Running Process: Some users do not allow any of their applications to have background operation. Some users also do activate third-party applications such as Phone Masters to run features like Phone boost, which removes any application that is not protected from the feature.
  • Another Application: The problem can be due to the presence of another application which is interfering with the running process of the android keyboard

Android Keyboard Keeps Closing: Solution

The solution to the various actions surrounding your android keyboards keeps closing. The article will take you through several things you can do.

Restart your android device

This method is the general troubleshooting method for any device. It should correct anything that can be linked to your android keyboard force stopping.

Boot into safe mode

If your preinstalled android keyboard keeps closing because of the presence of other apps, this can be the best method in solving the problem. It depends on your device with variation in the way each device boot into safe mode.

There is a general way of doing so, however, if it does not work for you, kindly contact the customer care of your android device.

To enter safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold your device power button till it shows the power off icon
  • Tap and hold power off icon
  • it should show the safe mode, and you can then boot into safe mode

After booting into safe mode and you notice that the problem is not there, that means it has worked, and a recently installed application is responsible for the error. The next thing you will do is to must find the application that is causing the problem and uninstall it.

To find the application, uninstall from the recent ones and constantly check with safe mode. To get out of safe mode, you should just restart your device.

Clear Cache

The cache is important but can be a hindrance to the running of several applications on Android. To clear the cache of the android keyboard, navigate to Settings > Application > Android Keyboard > Storage, then clear the cache. Restart your device, and the Android keyboard should work normally. If it is another android keyboard giving the problem, for example, SwiftKey, navigate to Settings > Application > SwiftKey > Storage, then clear the cache

Update the Application

The error might have been corrected in the newer update, and you should update it. You can navigate to the Google Play Store for your update

Running Process

This method is only useful if it is a third-party keyboard application. For example, If you are using Phone Master crosscheck whether the keyboard is under the unprotected list prone to constant closing to free memory. If it is not under the protected application list, add it, and your android keyboard keeps closing should stop.

Download another Keyboard

Swiftkey emoji icon causes samsung keyboard to crash – SwiftKey ...

If the problem is with the preinstalled or third party keyboard application, you can simply download another one. There are many top-notched keyboard applications, such as SwiftKey, TouchPal, and Gboard. Download any of this from here

Factory Reset

If the above methods did not work for you, this must be the last method you should think of trying. Factory reset must be done while being careful of FRP.

Disable FRP Before Factory Resetting

This process depends on the age of your device. Old devices need several steps, while new devices are straight forward.

When you want to disable the FRP in new devices, it is advised to perform the factory reset using the Settings. The factory reset on Settings depends on the Android version. For Android Pie, navigate to Settings > System > Reset Options > Factory data reset. If this is done, there is no need for error in new devices

For old devices, you must delete all the accounts present on your device manually. These are the steps that you must take to ensure that FRP is not triggered.

  • You must navigate to settings and remove the security that is present on your phone (although it might not be needed, it might be required for some other phones).
  • Navigate to Settings > Accounts to remove all the Google accounts that are under Accounts. Make sure you remove all the accounts there.
  • You can then perform the factory reset.

If you have not logged in your google mail on the Android device you are trying to factory reset, do not perform a factory reset through the bootloader.