SOLVED! - Android Issue: Cannot Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

When you need to show important information on your phone to someone – reporting issues and errors, for example, you can easily do a screenshot. The advantage of taking screenshots is that you can retain all the details and send them via email or other platforms. Unfortunately, some Android users may not enjoy this feature because it’s restricted. ‘Cannot take screenshot due to security policy,’ message will be displayed.

What is this Issue All About?

There are a few reasons why Android is kind of strict when it comes to taking a screenshot. Some people may think that Apple devices have more restrictions, but the opposite is true regarding screenshots. There are three common reasons why you are prompted with ‘Cannot take screenshot due to security policy,’ message.

1. Apps Restrict Taking Screenshot

App developers can add a certain block of codes in the program to hinder screen capture even when you are using another camera to capture the screen. This is especially true for banking and finance apps that store personal and sensitive information.

2. The Phone Policy Itself

If your phone is issued by a company or school, sometimes it’s designed to prevent screen capture. Check with your IT department and confirm if it’s really the situation.

3. Google Incognito Mode

When you’re browsing in private, it means you don’t want any trace of the activities and websites you access. Of course, it’s also a given that screenshots shouldn’t be allowed when you do private browsing.

In general, this restriction is being placed to protect you from malicious apps capturing your screen. It’s self-explanatory why sensitive and confidential information shouldn’t be allowed to be captured.

Tried Other Alternative, But Still Won’t Work?

What worked before may not work today. Of course, developers also need to keep up in fighting the battle against malicious apps and hackers. So, if you find solutions like to take a snap from another phone or using Google Assistant, these might not work anymore. Check out the next section.

Cannot Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy – Solved!

Even though some alternatives fail to solve this issue, there are still things you can do. Of course, you should identify the cause first.

Check App Permissions and Update Security Policy

Check if certain permissions have been disabled. Go to Settings>Apps and tap the app where you find the problem. Go to Permission and enable the permission for Storage.

Then, go to Settings>Biometrics & Security>Other Settings>Security Policy Updates. Toggle it on to keep your phone’s security policy updated. If you can’t find the option using this path, a quick search will lead you to the Security Policy Updates.

Use Mozilla Private Browsing

If you really need to use Incognito or private browsing, use Mozilla instead of Google Chrome. Google is really strict when it comes to taking screenshots in private mode. However, for Mozilla, you can easily allow it from the Settings.

Download Mozilla on your phone and enable private browsing by taping the mask icon. Access the website or page you want to take a screenshot of. Go to Settings>Private Browsing (under Privacy & Security). When you select Private Browsing, you can find Allow screenshot in private browsing. Toggle it on to allow screenshots on private mode.

Access Banking App Through Website

If you get this problem while trying to capture a screen on your banking app, how about accessing the web version of that app? You can use certain screenshot shortcuts like Volume Down + Power Button, Home + Power button, etc. If you have set up these screenshots, you should be able to take a snapshot of your banking details.

Use Third-Party Apps

Though not recommended, if you badly need to take a screenshot, there are third-party apps that are ready to help you. Among which are AZ Screen Recorder (, Screenshot Touch (, and Mobizen Screen Recorder ( These apps will definitely help you go through these security policy restrictions.

Contact the IT Personnel in Your Institution

Unfortunately, none of the above-mentioned procedures will work if you are using a company- or school-provided device. What you can do, however, is to contact your IT department and ask about this restriction. You can either get permission or you’ll get a “no” if your reason isn’t valid.

The Final Say

With your Android mobile, there’s no need to write down notes when you need to send information to someone. Not just Android, but most smartphones nowadays have the capacity to take screenshots in a breeze. However, if you cannot take a screenshot due to security policy, you must know the reason. It could be that you are in private browsing, the app you’re using restricts that action, or your institution blocks taking screenshots. There are ways to get around this problem, which have been discussed in this article. Share with us what works for you in the comments.