Android Auto Voice Commands Not Working

It’s difficult to use a smartphone while you are driving a car. So, Google developed the Android Auto app. It’s a smart driving companion that lets you focus on driving, at the same time, allows you to stay connected and entertained. It comes with a simple format, large buttons, and a very useful voice command. Unfortunately, a lot of Android users complained about Android Auto Voice commands not working.

What is Android Auto and How It Works?

Just a bit of backgrounder to those who are not familiar with Android Auto. It’s an app you’ll install on your mobile phone. And to use it, you need to connect your Android mobile phone to your car via USB. Although new car models have this app pre-installed as the default system, usually, it works via USB connection.

Once you connect your phone to your car, you don’t need to use your phone while driving. Important apps will be displayed in your car’s touch screen display so you can easily navigate to music, messaging, etc. What’s even great, you don’t necessarily need to lift a finger to tap these apps because Android Auto can be controlled through voice commands via Google Assistant.

Even if your car doesn’t have an on-screen display, you can still connect Android Auto to the Bluetooth audio system in your car to hear calls, notifications, and other instructions. Setup is a breeze and you can start using the app by simply saying “OK, Google” or tap the microphone icon.

You can ask the Google Assistant a lot of things — playing music, details about the destination, messaging, calling people — and it should respond according to how it should. Simple. Easy. Very useful.

However, that’s not always the case for some users. One day the app works, the next day it didn’t. So, this article is specially created to address this issue and to give justice to Android Auto. It’s a great app and very useful on the road. You’ll know some common reasons why the app’s voice command won’t work and how to solve it.

Common Scenarios

A great number of Android Auto users who are having a problem with the app reported that it seems that the “OK, Google” is functioning, but no response. You can see that the four (4) dots appear — meaning it listens and processes what you are saying, but it won’t do anything after. Either it’ll completely shut off or just won’t display anything.

Or, sometimes, even if you are not talking or giving commands, the Android Auto will just respond randomly. Instead of being a help to you on the road, it could be an annoying companion. Is it a bug, compatibility issue, or just something that can be fixed in your settings? Let’s find out!

Reason Why Android Auto Voice Commands Not Working

This issue has surfaced after a lot of Android users update their mobile phones to Android 10. While most complaints came from Samsung users, there is also a handful of feedback from OnePlus, Huawei, and other Android mobile phones. This also affects several car brands and models like Mazda, Ford, Volkswagen, among others.

So, with this, the major reason why Android Audio voice commands won’t work anymore is the new software update. Check if the app has the latest update, it’ll work on the latest version of your Android software.

Now, if you can use Google Assistant on your phone, but not when you plug it in your car, it could be that your car isn’t compatible with this app. You must check the list and see if your car is compatible.

And, if your car is compatible with the app, there’s also a possibility that your microphone is muted, so Android Auto can’t hear you. Worst case, if you have an incorrect language setting. Although the app can recognize languages besides English, you still need to set it up.

While in most cases this problem can be solved at the user’s end, for compatibility issues, it’s something that only Google can answer and fix. However, if your car is compatible and you have the updated stable version of the Android, there’s no way that Android Auto won’t behave normally.

Quick Fixes and Possible Solution

If you have been using Android Auto for quite some time and you have just encountered this issue just recently, you can still solve that. It shouldn’t be car compatibility issues nor a problem with Android software unless you’re using a new car or updating your software.

Small Things Matter, the Internet Connection, Too

You must know that Android Audio works with an internet connection. So, make sure you have a stable internet connection before making a command to the app. If you know you have an internet connection, check if “OK Googledetection is turned on. Go to Settings>Voice (Under Search)>Voice Match Detection (should be toggled on). Better restart your phone after making some changes with your Settings.

Uninstall and Reinstall Android Auto

You can also refresh your app by uninstalling and reinstalling Android Auto. This works for some users. Or, to wipe out all the data, you need to clear cache and clear the data of this app. Go to Settings>App>Android Auto. Tap the app and then, go to Storage. You can see the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons. Now, uninstall the app as you do with other apps.

OS Update and Android Auto Update

This is something tricky. Get the latest version of the app to keep up with the updates. However, if you have the latest Android version and the latest Android Auto, but still you can’t use the app, something must have been off with the update. Contact support to learn if there’s an existing problem with the Android Auto app and the current Android OS version.

Language Settings

Go to Settings>Voice (under Search)>Languages. Ensure that your setting is right (US–English). You can also tick more than one language. However, Google Assistant works best with the English language. And, even if it can recognize your secondary setting, it’s not as good as English. Make sure that what you speak corresponds to the Language you set.

Check Microphone of Your Device

If none of the workarounds above work, then, check your microphone. For some reason, some users noticed that Google Assistant will automatically mute itself when connected to your car via Bluetooth connection. Hence, it’s also clever to check small details — whether your mic is muted or not.

The Final Say

Android Auto makes driving more convenient and fun since you can do a lot of things with just voice commands. However, if Android Auto voice commands not working without any clue, it surely is a big issue. Thankfully, there are lots of dedicated Android users and professionals who shared their expertise in troubleshooting and solving this issue.

First, ensure that your car is compatible with the app. They have a list of compatible make and models, so you are guided. Small things matter, like restarting your unit, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, checking the internet connection, and even using fast and reliable USB cable. If the problem surfaced after you did the upgrade to Android 10, it’s an issue that can be addressed by Google alone.

Make sure to do step-by-step troubleshooting of the problem before you contact Google. In most cases, it’s just a minor issue that requires a bit of exploration in the phone’s setting and the app’s, as well. The next time your Android Auto voice command won’t work, you know what to do.

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