Android Auto Communication Error 12 — Explained and Solved!

Do you want to connect your Android mobile to your car, but gets an annoying error every time? We’ll the Android Auto Communications Error 12 seems intimidating, but it’s a very simple problem. It’s all about the USB cable. Read on as we discuss everything about this error and how to eventually get rid of it.

About Android Auto

Perhaps you have arrived at this article because you have been haunted by a series of AA crashes and the communication error 12 on your phone. Or, you are interested in Android Auto and you want to see if it’s the best for you. We’ll give you some juicy facts about the app. Do note, however, it’s not compatible with all cars in the market.

Android Auto is developed by Google to mirror basic features on your Android phone to the head unit of your car. Since it works with Google Assistant, you can control the app through voice commands to send messages, access locations, get directions, etc. Fast, easy, and hands-free — very safe.

Along with the essentials, you can listen to music or podcasts via Spotify, iHeart Radio, and a few more apps. It supports multitasking — without the need to lift a finger or look away from the road. Very nice, almost perfect, until you encounter communication errors. You won’t see it in the head unit because it will be displayed on your Android phone.

What is Android Auto Communication Error 12?

One of the simplest, yet confusing Android Auto error is Communication error 12. According to Google, it’s because of a faulty USB cable or can’t establish the connection properly.

It’s a very simple problem. You know that it’s a problem with the USB cable, so changing the cable should solve the problem. But, in reality, it’s confusing. You got to choose the right cable! Even though you have established a good connection one day, the next, you could encounter the same error. Even the stock USB cable that comes with your smartphone – that you know will work just fine — won’t give you a guarantee that it will also work.

So, What’s Wrong with Some USB Cables?

Blame the USB cable. But, how do you know if the USB cable you’ll use will work or not?

USB cables are just made of four hairline wires running inside. If you don’t store the cables properly, it’ll easily get damaged with just minimal stress and strain. With the even thinner USB-C with around 24 tiny wires running inside, you need to always store them properly when not in use. Just one faulty wire could cause this problem if you connect Android Auto. Try using Google’s recommended USB cables so you can assure that it will work.

Is There a Way to Get Rid of It?

Yes. Download the updated Android Auto app and switch to recommended USB cable with the appropriate length.

Latest Android Auto App

Even though Google specifies that this problem is due to a faulty USB cable, you must know that it’s important to update your AA app. Getting the latest version of the app might solve the problem as they might have deployed some fixes.

In this regard, you can easily go to Google Play Store>Menu (hamburger)>My Apps & Games>Android Auto. You can immediately see the Update button next to the app. Tap the Update button to get the latest version.

Alternatively, instead of tapping the Update button directly, you can tap the app, then tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner. Now, you can see the Enable auto-update with a checkmark box right next to it. If it’s set to auto-update, it has a green box, while white or gray with no checkmark if it’s disabled. Simply tap the box to enable auto-update.

Close All Running Programs Before Opening Android Auto.

Sometimes, if the system is working on different tasks, it’s harder to make a good connection between the smartphone and your car. This in turn will give you either communications 11 or 12. So, before you connect the USB cable to your car, try killing all running apps. Likewise, you can do a quick restart to ensure that no apps are competing with Android Auto.

Get a Shorter USB Cable

Another recommendation from Google is to use a shorter USB cable. With shorter cables, the quality of the connections will be great. First, ensure that the cable is less than 6 ft long without any cable extensions or adaptors. Second, you must choose a USB cable with a USB icon. If it’s still hard to find which works best, check out recommended cables. For micro USB try the one from Anker, AmazonBasics, or Monoprice. If you need Type C, you can try the USB cables from Inatech or Choetech.

The Final Say

Connecting your smartphone to your car is amazing. Especially with Android Auto, you can do different tasks safely using voice commands. All you need to do is download the latest Android Auto app on your smartphone and connect it to your car via a reliable USB cable. Unfortunately, since cables aren’t all strong and sturdy, they may cause Android Auto Communication error 12, which is due to a faulty cable.

What do you need to do? Change the cable. Yet, this is not just any replacement. You need to stick to certain requirements — shorter USB cable under 6ft. And, to get rid of the guesswork, use the recommended USB cables for Android Auto. Store your USB cables properly and securely to avoid bumping into this problem again.