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Since Android uses all sorts of symbols, it’s only natural for new Android users to be puzzled about the meaning of some such as up and down arrows. You come across the up and down arrow symbols on your Android phone every now and then but don’t know what they mean? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything you should keep in mind about up and down arrows on Android.

Arrow Symbols On Android: Breakdowns

In use, Android devices display plenty of things to users but regarding Android arrows at top of screen, you must remember these descriptions and interpretations

  • Up arrow with horizontal line under it: Something is being uploaded
  • Down arrow with horizontal line under it: Something is being downloaded
  • Down arrow inside a screen: A update for system is available
  • Up and down arrows inside a dashed triangle: Applications have data usage restrictions (Data Saver)
  • Up and down arrows inside a normal triangle: Data limit is reached
  • 4G with up and down arrows: Using data on 4G network
  • LTE+ with up and down arrows: Using data on LTE network
  • Horizontal left and right arrows: Voice over LTE (VoLTE)
  • Horizontal handset with bent arrow above it: You missed a call
  • Three phones with horizontal half arrows: Your phone started/joined a Group Play session
  • WiFi with horizontal left and right arrows: Your phone is pairing with devices via WiFi Direct
  • WiFi with horizontal left and right arrows: WiFi is enabled with upload and download usage
  • Circular arrows: Synchronization in progress
  • Circular arrows with an exclamation mark: Synchronization error
  • Circular arrows with a phone: Your phone is sharing media with devices in the surrounding

Dismissing Symbol: Tips And Tricks

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In most of the cases, Android symbols show up and go away as devices go through changes so there is no need to manage them. Still, if arrow symbols on your phone linger frustratingly without any reason, you may want to use the following methods to get rid of them.


There is nothing special about the “turn it off and on again” fix but it nonetheless excels at resolving bugs. If you ever have a hard time dismissing Android arrows at top of screen, consider restarting your phone at once. Many Android phones have a dedicated restart option and you could also restart your phone by holding Power and Volume Down buttons for around 5 seconds.

Clean Cache 

Corrupted cache leads to an assortment of oddities and lingering symbols is one of them. Therefore, if you find symbols remaining on the screen when they should disappear, it’s suggested that you clear cache. To be thorough, boot your device into Recovery Mode and proceed to wipe cache partition.

Uninstall Third-Party Applications

Android features basic functions but to optimize their experiences, device owners have to install a number of third-party applications. While the apps allow people to enjoy themselves to the fullest, they could create a lot of difficulties as well.

Thus, in the case that symbols on your phone start acting up out of the blue, you have to think of the apps as suspects. To confirm your suspicion, you must boot your phone into Safe Mode and see whether the symbols return to normal. Assuming that the symbols come and go like usual, it’s possible to conclude that the cause of your symbol problem is third-party applications. At that point, feel free to re-enable the applications one-by-one to pinpoint the troublemaker and uninstall it.


Android releases updates from time to time for various motives (updating features, fixing errors, etc). In any case, if you pay little attention to updates of Android, your phone is going to become obsolete soon. That tends to bring about countless headaches and symbols hanging on the screen longer than necessary is a prime example. Luckily, you would be able to address obsolescence and associated issues by updating the OS.

Perform A Factory Reset 

So you have tried everything yet symbols on your phone still decline to be dismissed? Then you have no choice apart from performing a factory reset and revert the device to its original configuration. The process should eliminate all troubles that plague your phone. Keep in mind that you have to backup key data as following a factory reset, the internal memory is empty.

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