Alexa App White Screen Android: Analyses

On most devices that run on Android nowadays, the setup process of Alexa is straightforward and takes moments to finish. Still, now and then, Alexa installation nonetheless experiences unexpected issues and Alexa app white screen Android is a prime example. When that happens, the setup process of Alexa essentially grounds to a halt at the white setup screen with no signs of returning to normal. Consequently, with installation remaining incomplete, Alexa could not be used to manage Alexa-enabled devices.

You also get stuck at the frustrating white screen while setting up Alexa on your Android device and don’t know how to fix that? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below, you would be provided with practically everything that you must keep in mind about Alexa app white screen Android from causes to solutions.

So What Could Have Happened?

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Problems on Alexa may be the results of various factors but regarding Alexa app white screen Android, you have to focus on the suspects below


When Alexa acts up during the setup process on Android devices nowadays, incompatibility is one of most common reasons. Hence, in the case you get stuck at the white setup screen, you should recheck the installation requirements of Alexa and your device’s specs.

Wrong Date And Time

The date and time setting play an important role in the installation and operation of Alexa. Naturally, on phones with wrong date and time, the setup process of Alexa would be unable to proceed as normal.

Smart Network Switch

Once activated, Smart Network Switch automatically changes between WiFi and mobile data as network connections prove unstable. While convenient, Smart Network Switch could get in the way of the installation of Alexa.

VPNs And AD Guards

Designed to protect the privacy of users, VPNs and AD guards have become an integral part of multiple Alexa-enabled devices. That being said, it’s a good idea to disable these applications before setting up Alexa to minimize potential interferences.

Completing Installation Of Alexa: Pointers 

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Despite its simplicity, reboot is capable of removing a diversity of troubles on Android phones. Because of that, when the installation of Alexa on your device comes to a stop at the white setup screen, you must consider rebooting it. To avoid compromising the structural integrity of hardware, it’s strongly recommended that you don’t reboot the phone rapidly.

Determine Device Compatibility With Alexa 

  • Step 1: Go to Setting
  • Step 2: Tap About Phone
  • Step 3: Choose Android version

Depending on what you see, you may need to go to System Update and proceed to update your Android version. Currently, Alexa supports all devices with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above.

Switch Date And Time Setting To Automatic 

  • Step 1: Go to Setting
  • Step 2: Tap Date and Time
  • Step 3: Toggle the switch beside Automatic Date and Time to enable it

If the setup process of Alexa gets stuck due to conflicts in date and time, switching the setting to automatic would get it moving again.

Disable Smart Network Switch

  • Step 1: Go to Apps
  • Step 2: Tap Setting
  • Step 3: Select WiFi
  • Step 4: Choose Advanced
  • Step 5: Hit Smart Network Switch

In a number of cases, by disabling Smart Network Switch, Android users manage to pass the white setup screen and complete the installation of Alexa.

Disable VPNs And AD Guards

The settings for VPNs and AD Guards vary on Alexa-enabled devices so you have to mess around a bit. The moment you locate the settings, disable them immediately and try setting up Alexa on your phone one more time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alexa 

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Do I need an Amazon Prime subscription to use Alexa?

To use Alexa, all you need is an Amazon account. Thus, having an Amazon Prime subscription is not a requirement to put Alexa to work.

Could I use Alexa without WiFi?

The operation of Alexa centers around WiFi connections which means the availability of WiFi in the vicinity is absolutely essential. Without WiFi, Alexa is going to be unable to connect to nearby Alexa-enabled devices.

Is it possible to set up Alexa without phones?

In case you have trouble installing Alexa on your Android phone, you could set up Alexa from the Alexa website. Log in using your Amazon account, go to Settings and follow the steps carefully in order to set up Alexa.