SOLVED! 5 Tools to Edit Game Video for YouTube

With more and more content creators and brands starting adding video content to their marketing strategy, YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for content sharing and vlogging. With over 2 billion active users consuming over 250 million hours of different content, video creating and editing has transformed into a profitable business for nearly anyone who enters this industry. 

One of the most trendy video types on YouTube is related to the gaming industry: game reviews, quick playthroughs, and effective tricks – any sort of content that serves either entertaining or informative purposes. And, since now it’s not enough to just create the video – content creators try to think over the fanciest and most catching editing features to get more interest among the audience and enlarge the number of followers on their channels. 

For sure, video software plays an essential role for the YouTube game vlogging, as it can boost the content quality, cut the juiciest moments and keep the viewers’ attention always on the screen. 

Top-Rated Programs for YouTube Game Video Recording and Editing

Before starting to apply any video software for editing, it’s essential to find out the most popular and functional products available in today’s global market. After you’ve considered all your needs and goals for game videos, it’s time to learn the basic features of each editing program, analyze its upsides and drawbacks, and finally choose the most functional yet affordable option. Here, we’ll introduce the most popular and effective video editing software to use for YouTube game videos. 

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi offers a wide range of tools for creating and editing various types of video content. One of its best products is Movavi Video Editor, which is a great option for enhancing the quality of game videos.

The software can be downloaded for free and can be used on both Mac and Windows devices. With the simple drag-and-drop interface and functional toolbar, you can get straight to the editing process. The following features of this editing software would help you create top-notch game videos for your YouTube channel:

  • slow motion, reverse, and a variety of other special effects 
  • ready-made intros, themed stickers, and animated titles 
  • ability to change the background of the video with Chroma Key
  • high quality of the final product

Movavi also has a detailed how-to section that aims to help beginners learn about the best video creation techniques. The company features useful articles on how to record internal audio on Mac, set up simultaneous sound recording from multiple sources, avoid recording time limits, and many other topics.

Shortcut Video Editing Software

For those who are looking for an intuitive interface and a wide selection of modifying options and filters, Shortcut editor is definitely a worth trying option. It was primarily designed for Linux, and after a few years, the versions for Mac and Windows were launched. That is why its interface offers a lot of simple yet effective features like drag-and-drop files, customizable menus, etc. Also, users like this software because of the following features:

  • multiple-monitors configuration for a faster editing
  • great selection of different filters and other modifying features
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • process automation for most processes per users request
  • mobility of tasks

Final Cut Pro X Video Editor

Developed by Apple, this software covers all the core qualities of the professional video editor. With the intuitive interface, which is quite similar to iMovie, this software is easy to work with and offers a huge selection of effects. The game video creators are free to use this tool to record audio and video, add transitions and title effects, and utilize a variety of other features.

The additional plus of that software is that the editor integrates the uploads to the social media platforms, including YouTube, which makes this product really competitive compared to other editing software. Some other reasons for choosing that video editor are:

  • high resolution of the final videos
  • huge libraries and feature-riched interface
  • the ability to preview the effects without applying them to a file
  • format flexibility

Lightworks Video Editor

Those content creators who are looking for the free option to use can try Lightworks video editing software. One of the main reasons why YouTube vloggers like it is because of its compatibility with Windows, Linux, and macOS. Packed with the basic features needed for video content editing, this software can be used for creating advertising, personal videos, game reviews, and social media content as well. 

Its interface is simple and straightforward, so with Lightworks, creators can import and render the footage in the background. Additionally, you can customize the screen space by dragging the editing windows around and setting the custom keyboard shortcuts for better performance. The other benefits of this software to consider are: 

  • the feature of editing and cropping the timeline
  • 3D video processing
  • multichannel support

Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid video editing software with a 7-days free trial. It offers its users a wide range of advanced editing techniques to make videos available for any YouTube user. If you are ready to dedicate some time to master this software, your efforts will definitely pay off, as you’ll be able to create gaming videos of the highest quality. With Adobe Premiere Pro, you can:

  • incorporate unique visual effects into your videos
  • adjust your voice-over to conform the audio level to be the same throughout the whole video
  • create presets to easily edit a group of videos making sure that they have the same style

In addition, game video creators also recommend considering other great tools that allow you to record audio and content on your screen, have a wide functional, intuitive interface, and effective performance, such as OBS Studio, Icecream Screen Recorder, etc. 

Best Practices to Creating Great Video Content

To make the most of game video content on YouTube, it’s also critical to work on the content quality. Here are the simple yet effective tips of how to boost your game videos:

  • Create a plan for your next videos
  • Upload the content regularly to keep your audience engaged
  • Start with simple editing software to find out the basic features you need for work
  • Invest in the equipment for recording: camera, micro, and other essential accessories for videography
  • Review the messages from the audience and learn their preferences


Having a feature-rich video software is a fundamental option for game video creators each of the game video creators should have. That will not only improve the quality of the video content but also can draw more audiences and boost their interest in the other content published, thus making the YouTube channel more popular and competitive as well.

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