Kik Pictures Won’t Load

Kik is a messenger app common among teens in the U.S and Canada. Since its inception in 2009, many latest versions of this app have surfaced.

Despite being a good social media platform, some common problems have been associated with it. Reading this article, means you are experiencing one or more problems with this app. 

However, the most common problem is that pictures won’t load. Here is how to solve this issue.

Why Pictures Won’t Load

You may have received a picture from a friend through this messaging app. And the pictures just won’t load no matter how you try. There are two reasons for this problem.

  • Your friend’s connection wasn’t strong enough, while uploading the picture. This caused the picture not to upload properly.
  • Due to one reason or the other, your friend’s device didn’t completely finish uploading the picture.

And the solutions are:

  • Open the picture again later.
  • Or ask your friend to resend the picture.

Other Common Problems With This App And How To Fix It

Now you know what steps to take when a picture just wouldn’t load. What about the other problems most users are complaining about? You may be one of those users with these problems. And how do you fix them? 

Kik crashing: If you have recently installed the latest update of the app. You may have noticed that the app crashed at some point. Follow the solutions below to fix it.

  • Solution 1: Close the app forcefully and try reopening. This solution is for users with iPhone devices only.
  • Solution 2: Update Kik to the latest version. After updating the app, make sure you update the operating system of your device. Version 10 for iPhone users and 7.0 for Android users. This is to ensure that there is compatibility between the app and your device.
  • Solution 3: Delete and reinstall the app.

Video calls not working: You may have tried using the video call feature on the app. Only to realize that it didn’t work. There are a few solutions you can use to solve this.

Solution 1: Check if your network connection is stable. And you are connected to the internet. Not being connected to the internet can be a reason for this problem. But you can apply some other solutions if the issue persists.

  • Solution 2: On and off the aeroplane mode on your device. This solution is for iPhone, android and windows users.
  • Solution 3: If after applying the solutions above and the issue persists. You can check the settings of your device. This is to ensure that Kik is enabled to have access to your phone camera.
  • Solution 4: If the solution above doesn’t work, don’t worry. A few others you can try are available. Restart the device. Off and on your internet connection, then try to access any website. This is to ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Solution 5: Lastly, you can update the Kik app and the operating system of your phone. One of these five solutions might just do it for you.

Verification not working: Kik app uses captcha verification to verify users. If you can’t get past this verification, the following solutions will be of help.

  • Solution 1: Refreshing the captcha can prove useful. However, refresh it before the time for that particular image expires.
  • Solution 2: Close the all forcefully and try to reopen it again. If the solution above did not work.
  • Solution 3: If the issues still persist after trying all these solutions. You should uninstall and install the app. This is sure to work.

Kik is not connecting: Not being able to connect to the app, is another problem as a whole. If you are facing this difficulty, ensure you follow these solutions below.

  • Solution 1: Ensure you have a stable internet connection. To do this, off and on the internet connection.
  • Solution 2: Restart your device if the above solution doesn’t work.
  • Solution 3: On and off the airplane mode on your device.
  • Solution 4: Ensure both the Kik app and your device’s operating system is updated.

Camera not working: This is due to hardware and software issues. But there are still a few ways you can try to fix it.

  • Solution 1: Restarting your device is one of the easiest ways to fix this problem. Most users claimed that this solution had worked for them.
  • Solution 2: Go to “App permissions” in the settings of your device. Ensure that the Kik app is authorized to access phone cameras.
  • Solution 3: If the two solutions above refused to work. You can try a factory reset. However, this solution is for users who are okay with deleting everything on their phones.


All these and more are the problems users face while using this app. If you are using this app or planning to install it. This article should be a good guide in case a few problems arise.





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